Sarpanch Message

I, MINU ANTONIO FERNANDES, truly elevated on cloud 9 with the mind that the almighty and you my villagers have reposed upon me in the upliftment of our village Betalbatim.

I, as a Sarpanch sincerely dedicate and work as a team with my Panchayat members, staff and villagers to raise the standard of our village to greater heights, keeping in mind that success is not achieved in a day, nor success has elevators. We have to run after it, and together we will do it step by step to achieve it from all parameters.

Village Panchayat website is one such milestone that we have to cross, so we have far, far to go and sky is the limit. The success of the website will depend on all you my esteemed villagers. As I keep updating it with important information and circulars. Please browse through it, give me your feedback with suggestions, your needs as well as constructive criticism for the benefit of our village.

I will appreciate your valuable contribution towards making our dreams come true. Let us join hands to work with one mind and one goal to make our village a paradise on Earth.

Once again I solicit your full support and a big thank you.

“Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love.” – Saint Mother teressa